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George Boy Joe, according to you...sounds like the government is nothing but evil. lol

Joe    Is the American Foreign Policy evil? After 4 days and 65 comments, we arrive at an interesting question. What is Evil ? According to wikipedia " Evil, in many cultures, is a broad term used to describe what is perceived as intentional negative moral acts or thoughts that are wrong, cruel, unjust, or selfish. Evil is usually contrasted with good, which describes acts that are kind, just, or selfless.

Is the United States Foreign Policy wrong, cruel, unjust, selfish and therefore evil ?

All Foreign Policy is
selfish. According to Clausewitz, all nations do what is in their own best interest.

 Is American Foreign Policy cruel?
Since we are guilty of at least two genocides, a. American Indians - 12 million killed and Phillippino 1.5 million killed, after killing 3-4 million Vietnamese by "mistake".
Killing hundreds of thousands of Japanese and German civilains with Napam ( gasoline bombs)
Yes, it is cruel

 Is American Foreign Policy Unjust? Usually it is.
If our Foreign Policy is the security guards of American Imperialism, and capitalism, of coarse it is unjust.

 Is our Foreign Policy intentional negative moral acts?
No....we don't intend to drop Napalm on women and children. Our eyes have been covered by the media and our military, so that we don't have to see the killing. We call that collateral damage.

based on a definition of what is evil, the answer would be yes, our Foreign Policy is usually evil.

How many civilians will be killed tonight by Americans as we have dinner, watch TV and chat on Facebook?

George Joe, thanks for the lesson. We will be sure to play nice with the rest of the world from now on!

  Who was it that said " Forgive them God, because they know not what they are doing? "


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